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Our 2016 Travel Goals

Our 2016 Travel Goals

    2016 is a big year for us! We worked really hard this year so we could quit our jobs and travel the world for a few months. We are already part of the way through 2016, but figured it’s never too late to talk about our travel goals for 2016: where we are going, what we are doing there, and a few extra places we want to go before the end of the year (if we can afford it!) So without further ado, let’s get into the list!



This summer, we are heading out on a two month trip through Europe. Neither of us have ever traveled to Europe before, which is why we are hitting up most of the major cities. We know Europe is super crowded in the summer, but we are hoping for the best and think it will still be the trip of a lifetime. If you’ve ever been to any of these places, let us know what your favorite thing to do was/favorite day trip out of each city was!

1. Dublin

2. Lisbon

3. Barcelona

4. Paris

5. Nice

6. Florence

7. Venice

8. Vienna

9. Prague

10. Munich

11. Amsterdam

12. Ireland (Galway and Killarney)



Since we are doing a lot of summer travel, we need to rebuild our finances in the fall, but currently we are training for a half marathon so we can run the Jazz half marathon with my sister Natalie (this woulNd be the longest distance I’ve ever run, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m still not sure I can do it but we are damn well going to try!) 

1. New Orleans



We literally have NO travel plans for winter of this year (November and December,) so these are just hopeful extra travel goals and if we can do any of them, I would love to be able to. Chris has never met my grandma on my mom’s side, so we’d love to head out to Colorado to visit her as well as visiting my sister where she lives in South Dakota (we’ve never been able to make it out to see her!) Harry Potter World is ALWAYS on my list, and I would think that dreaming of a tropical vacation is self-explanatory. We just want to go. I don't think there's any way we can make it to all of these, but what can I say? I'm hopeful. 

1. Colorado 

2. Harry Potter World

3. South Dakota

4. Hawaii

5. Mexico 

What We Ate - Dublin, Ireland

What We Ate - Dublin, Ireland

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